The Original Portable Hydration System

ThirstMax is the original, portable hydration system designed for active lifestyles where convenience and portability are essential.

ThirstMax is a portable hydration system which utilizes a water caddy, cup dispenser, and trash bag holder. It hangs easily on fences, trees and poles and is designed for thirsty groups, teams and work crews with an emphasis on creating a convenient, instant watering hole. The ThirstMax portable hydration system is designed to meet the needs of teams for sports hydration; campers where a water caddy can hang easily on a tree; picnic parties requiring a portable water caddy; and construction projects where job site hydration is a necessity. The ThirstMax portable hydration system is designed for active lifestyles and for those on the move, and uses common grocery store products with the convenience and portability of its water caddy and cup dispenser.

Do your arms get tired carrying heavy containers? ThirstMax has an easy to use shoulder strap to make hydration ultra-portable, so you can travel pain-free with both hands available. The space-saving ThirstMax portable hydration system is easily stored in your vehicle when not in use, and the soft, durable Cordura fabric makes ThirstMax a sturdy method for providing hydration for your group.

The evolution of the ThirstMax portable hydration system from the dugout to the campsite, picnics and more, came with the development of the ThirstMax Utility Strap. The Utility Strap allows the ThirstMax water caddy to be hung from a tree, post or pole when installed. Anywhere you need sports, job site, picnic, or camping hydration, you are in command with the ThirstMax portable hydration system and ThirstMax accessories!

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